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Anonymous: long kagakuro or aokuro oneshots?

porque no los dos hoho


Stagehands of the Mirror by xXxAnGeLFLoNnExXx on FF.N

Summary: When Kagami went to Japan, meeting a restless spirit was not in his plans, much less befriending a Basketball-loving one. And nope, he was not falling for the cute blue-haired ghost. Really. Spirit!Kuroko. 

Word Count: 8k+

The Flower That Blooms in Adversary by aotetsu on FF.N

Summary: When Kagami falls for Kuroko Tetsuya, a famous prostitute from the red light district, he manages to find a whole lot of trouble and a person worth it all.

Word Count: 11k+

Warning: minor dubious consent

A Small Gift for My Beloved You by lunaryu on AO3

Summary: Five times Kuroko receives a subtle sweet present from Kagami and one time he does the giving to the lovely red haired Tiger with a bang.

Word Count: 5k+

some lines never touch (but we do, we do, we do) by liveonanon on AO3

Summary: Five times Kuroko knew Kagami said, “I love you”, and one time he went ahead and said it. Now including Kagami’s tasty hamburgers, fanboy- and fangirl-peanut gallery, various GoM members giving Kagami The Talk, insomnia, and near traffic accidents. And sneaky Kuroko.

Word Count: 5k+

On Top of the World by grayglasstrick on AO3

Summary: Kagami Taiga’s unsure what to do with these feelings—they’re unfamiliar, yet good, and it makes him feel on top of the world. Though, he will admit he’s wary since they revolve so much around his best friend.

Word Count: 3k+


pavlovian dogs by jarofclay on AO3

Summary: Where Aomine Daiki has a major in Kurokology, and he tries to apply his wide knowledge to his everyday life and then face the pros and cons of it.

Word Count: 4k+

Warning: minor angst

Comeback With A Time Lag by amcw177 on AO3

Summary: Aomine finally realizes his feelings for Kuroko, but that’s where the trouble really starts.

Word Count: 7k+

The Right Save File by sui on AO3

Summary: While laid up in bed with a slightly serious injury, Kagami discovers the wonders of RPG gaming and plays therapist for two stubborn NPCs.

Word Count: 9k+

float on high or low by steamedmantou on AO3

Summary: aomine gets roped into making the sort of big damn embarrassing marriage proposal he never planned on making. (a note of caution: potential bouts of second hand embarrassment awaiting.)

Word Count: 3k+

Declarations of Love in a Time of Social Media by lysapadin on AO3

Summary: In which Aomine demonstrates why it is inadvisable to drink and use Twitter, the MiraGen et al. offer snarky commentary and other witty banter, and Kise explores the dramatic possibilities inherent in maintaining a public persona on social media platforms.

Word Count: 6k+

Happy reading!

- Mod M

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