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Anonymous: Some hurt n comfort fics regarding the breaking up of relationships/friendships please? :)

You guys just want to make me cry, don’t you. This was a trip - finding and rereading these fics. I realize now that is more hurt than comfort, and that somehow I equated breaking up of relationships to character death, so sorry. :c

before, now, and after by mr-raindrops on FF.N

SummaryThe clock is ticking with no pause. From elementary school to middle school, from middle school to high school. It isn’t a wholly pleasant trip; witnessing Teikou’s light and shadow drift apart comes along with the package, and then Aomine is so far ahead, unwilling to slow down.

Ephermeral by mr-raindrops on FF.N

SummaryAomine was there from the very beginning, and remained until the very end. The things in between are fleeting, just one person’s memories.

Notes: Future!AU. Character death. If you want to cry, read this.

That Phantom Player by Mademoiselle Z on FF.N

SummaryOne day, Aomine decided to just practice in the rumored haunted fourth auditorium, and met a strange boy. Later, he, along with his friends, found out that the boy wasn’t a human, and was the reason why five certain basketball prodigies in Japan decided to quit basketball. 

Notes: Multichatper, incomplete. Ghost!Kuroko. SUPER interesting so far. 

31st of January by taikodrum on FF.N

Summary"Tetsuya, your friends are waiting at the door."

Notes: Friendship fic.

nevertheless, hello by  on AO3

SummaryKise dies and Aomine is left to piece himself back together again, bit by bit, one pill at a time. It’s hard, but as long as they’re still together, everything is going to be okay.

Notes: Drug abuse, angst. Character death.

Needing by  on AO3

Summary: Midorima and Akashi have a very strained relationship.

Notes: Multichapter, incomplete. MidoAka at first but becomes AkaMido. Rape and smut. Hover over the title for more information/spoilers just in case any of you are triggered by that!

Kindred Idiots by  on AO3

SummaryAomine had always figured that if they broke up, it’d be over someone coming between them. Breaking up because of some dumb thing that he’d said - well, that just stung.

Notes: AoKaga.

you are my light, no need to hide by  on AO3

SummaryMidorima and Kise ended their relationship when Kise moved to Los Angeles to model. It was the right thing to do. Midorima is starting to think that ‘doing the right thing’ is bullshit.

Notes: MidoKise. 

Vienna by  on AO3

SummaryEverything to Midorima was a slight, and a personal one, if trust predated the problem. When Akashi didn’t really speak, didn’t really blink, it was seen as an act of war.

Notes: AkaMidoAka. 

you’re my black swan by  on AO3

Summary"It’s hard to be with you; let’s break up," is something Aomine hears a lot but it doesn’t really trip him up until it leaves Kise’s mouth.

Notes: AoKise.

Happy reading!

- Mod M

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