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thewaterwind: can you please recommend me any aokuro/kagakuro/kikuro/akakuro angsty fic?oh yandere fics are also nice. thanks :)

I recc’ed some angsty AoKuro and KagaKuro ones here and here, just have to do a little digging! And here have some moooore!


Whisper to Me Sweet Words by koshemi on AO3

SummaryAomine wants nothing more than to tear apart Kuroko’s calm facade, to watch his face contort with pleasure and with pain - to have that pale, untarnished body writhing under him, screaming for more. It can only be so long before he snaps.

Notes: Non-con, angst.

The Way We Have Chosen by Native on AO3

SummaryWhen all is said and done, Aomine cannot, for the life of him, find enough anger, enough rage – enough sadness – to hate Tetsu.

Notes: Two part series. 

Five Stages of Aomine by Mishaa on AO3

SummaryAomine narrates how he copes and lives his life after Kuroko’s death.

Notes: Character death, Friendship fic.


and the spaces between words (they were never mine to say) by kameo_chan on AO3

SummaryKagami doesn’t know how to tell Kuroko he won’t be coming back from this mission.

Notes: Space!AU, implied character death, aka 400 words that continually and consistently destroy me. 

Blue Gowns by Pyrrhic on AO3

SummaryKagami spent the last few months with the words stuck behind his teeth and the guilt chewing up his stomach, leaving only holes behind.

Notes: Infidelity, this fic is beautiful and tragic and i love it so much.  

The Melancholy of Kuroko Tetsuya by buttwade on AO3

SummaryKagami gets stuck in a time loop, trapped in the last day of summer.

Notes: Time loop!AU, I love this fic with all my being ok.


A Lover’s Presentiment by Danish on AO3

SummaryOnce upon a time, there was someone who told a lie, about a lover’s presentiment that came true.

Notes: Future!AU, Pilot!Kise, Teacher!Kuroko, character death. 

Say Goodbye by triste on AO3

Summary: "It hurts, Tetsuya. Make it stop."

Notes: Side-fic to A Thousand Things (which you don’t need to read to understand this fic - if you want the happy ending it’s that one). Character death, MPreg. 

The mark that never came by duckiesandlemons on AO3

Summary“Sorry, I’m sorry Kurrokochi you must be so uncomfortable now I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” and the apologies come out so fast now and Kise is probably crying (or still was).

Notes: Soul mate!AU, unrequited love.


Chapter 8 of No Different by triste on AO3

SummaryIt’s difficult for Kuroko to remember what life was like before Akashi, before his world became one of order and organisation. 

Notes: Mircofic.

The Puppeteer’s Shadow Master by Little Blossom on FF.N

SummarySometimes things are exactly as they seem. Sometimes they’re not. And sometimes they’re unimaginable.

Notes: Super fucked up, dark. KuroAka. The best manipulation fic in the entire fandom. 

Siren by fan-nerd on FF.N

SummaryKuroko knows he has Akashi wrapped around his sick, pale, little fingers.

Haaaaappy reading!

- Mod M

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